How to Approach a Girl

How to Approach a GirlUnfortunately, some guys get scared just at the thought of how to approach a girl. While this is understandable, guys should realize that girls are, after all, just people, too, people with long, flowing hair, creamy skin and mammary glands. The key to approaching girls is to be calm, cool and collected since girls can smell a lack of confidence on guys. With these tips, you should have a better time at approaching a girl.

How to Approach a Girl

1. Smiling is a good thing to do when you approach a girl. However, you should take care not to look overly cocky, as this breaks one of the fundamental rules in how to approach a girl. You have to avoid being shy at all costs, though. While a few girls may find shyness attractive, many want guys who can go out on a limb at times.

One way to help yourself in this area is to think of something funny a girl would do that is completely out of her norm. For instance if you see a girl that is super attractive and you want to go talk to her, think about her doing something dumb like doing a Irish Jig for no reason at all. Although this sounds ridiculous, it helps our minds to bring her down to our level. It helps us see her as a regular person and not some goddess we are trying to talk to for the first time. Now an Irish Jig might not be your thing, so come up with your own ideas and use them. It really works to break the nervousness and drop the shy routine.

2. Refrain from using pick-up lines. While pick-up lines may occasionally seem like a good idea because of their flashiness, they hardly work. Instead of pick-up lines, you should use casual and friendly openers such as, “Hello, how are you doing tonight?” Basic politeness, chumminess and casualness are always good pieces of advice in how to approach a girl.

3. Being yourself can do a lot more good than harm. Some girls are turned off by guys who are too arrogant and obviously exaggerate attributes and achievements. Instead, you should try being yourself, which involves talking to the girl in an unassuming and casual way without any agenda being pursued. Women who are sick of guys who pass themselves off as something they are not will appreciate the frankness of this approach.

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4. Stay relaxed. If you stay relaxed, you may drastically increase your chances in how to approach a girl. While it can be a challenge to stay relaxed if you really are hot for a girl, you should remember one thing: In the end, it is just a girl. That’s right. A girl. Not the girl. She is but one of billions of girls on the face of the Earth. As such, if she shoots you down when you approach her, it is hardly the end of the world since there are plenty of others that you can approach the next time.

5. Have something to say to the lass when you approach her. Some guys shoot themselves in the foot because they walk over to the girl, but then have nothing to tell her. This is clearly not smooth and reflects poorly. Thinking of something to say can involve something as simple as a comment on music she might enjoy to something more direct, like the fact that you came over to her specifically because you were attracted to her.

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How to approach a girl is not that big a deal. It just takes some determination and confidence. Remember the basics, such as friendliness and politeness, when you do approach a chic. Even though you may not always succeed, just trying builds confidence and experience.

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