How to Attract Girls

What do you think when you see an overweight or unattractive man out to dinner with a beautiful girl? You may automatically assume that she is his sister or they are on a mandatory business dinner, but you would be surprised how many of those seemingly unappealing men take those women home and enjoy an all-nighter with them. That is your first lesson in learning how to attract girls: you do not have to be the most handsome, successful man around to land beautiful girls.

How to Attract Girls

If you find that most of the girls you attract easily are not worthy of your time and attention, you are going wrong somewhere in the attraction process. If you are ready to stop making those mistakes and want to learn how to attract girls of higher caliber, start by improving your self-confidence. This is where most men go wrong in the attraction department, though they are not aware of it.

Start paying attention to how you naturally behave during your daily life. If you are getting more views of the asphalt than of the faces passing you by, then you are sending a big signal that you are insecure. When you start looking up and catching the eye of those around you, that signal will change to one of self-confidence. The same goes for nervously twitching, playing with your clothing, or rocking side to side when talking to girls. These are all signs of anxiety, which send the signal of insecurity.

Watch other men closely, and you will notice that those who seem to know how to attract girls are those who hold their heads high, make direct eye contact, and move slowly. They are not in a rush. They are not anxious. They are not afraid to smile from across the room and approach women regardless of their beauty. This is their confidence shining through, and that is what you need to imitate if you want to learn how to attract girls of a higher caliber.

If you do not feel so confident right now, start faking it. Pay attention to your nervous behaviors and start training yourself to do something else instead. For example, if you know you naturally stare down at the ground when a beautiful girl walks into the room, start forcing yourself to look up and smile at everyone you pass. Beautiful or not, you should make eye contact and smile. With time, it should start to come more naturally, so you end up looking up at beautiful girls without shying away.

A good technique to start out is to stare at your own reflection in the mirror. Try to stare at yourself as long as you can. Most people who are not confident, have trouble with this technique. They find themselves unattractive and hence have a hard time starring at themselves. Start to focus on the good things about yourself; the stuff you think is attractive. Then gradually work your way to those areas in your features you feel need help. Start to get more comfortable with those features and find uniqueness in them. Once you reach this point you can start to find beauty in yourself. Everyone is different and even the most beautiful people in the world wish they could change something about themselves. In this regard you are not alone. What you see as not handsome, others will see as intriguing and alluring. Think this way and you will present yourself in a different light to women. They will be sure to notice it.

The best way to learn how to attract girls worth your time is to expose yourself to them. Start going to more social events and have friends introduce you to girls they know. Make it a habit to pick out the most beautiful girl at the event and say hello before the evening is over. The more you expose yourself to these interactions, the more comfortable you will feel around girls.

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