How to Find a Girlfriend

How to Find a GirlfriendSome guys might seriously think that the process of how to find a girlfriend is a very hard job to pull off. However, with the right mindset, skill and dedication, this seemingly hard task can become something that is very simple. Following through with the exercises below will give you a foundation that can change your life and bring a woman into your life that is worthy of your efforts. Many guys out there are probably searching for a meaningful relationship with a woman. They want their lives mutually enriched, but they have no clue about how to go about it.

How to Find a Girlfriend

The first step is to make a hard choice in your life to have a woman in your life. If you reach this step and have the desire to find one, then you are on the right track. Being able to visualize a beautiful woman by your side is one of the barriers you first need to over come. For me this was hard to do and I continually ended up settling for women that were not very attractive in my book. They were not supportive, they were often times rude to me and overall I was never happy. They were easy to get and the effort I needed to put into the relationship was minimal.

It is important to remove the mindset that you have to settle to get a girlfriend. Think of it this way, settling is the first step towards failure in a relationship. Overtime your interests fade and you or her will start to look for someone new. You want to start from the top and not look down.

There is an analogy and it goes like this, the most fresh and tasty apples are at the very top of the tree. The less tasty and close to rotting apples are at the bottom of the tree. These are the ones that are close to falling off the branch and landing on the ground to rot. The apples at the top of the tree are harder to get. It takes time to climb the tree and find them. Yet there are there, some are hidden behind branches and leaves, but if you look hard enough they are there for the taking.

You need to do the same in your life when trying to find a girlfriend. Look for the ones that compliment you and support you. Look for the ones that keep themselves well kept to your expectations. You may want to visualize all these things in your head before searching.

I don’t want you to make a list, this is not what this exercise is for. Making a list is not going to get you what you want. What I want you to do is visualize what your life would be like if you had a girlfriend. Forget about the physical features, just think beautiful. Forget about the brand name of clothes she would wear, just think well kept. Forget about how she talks, just visualize her words being supportive and comforting. These are the things that will get you what you seek.

It was not until I started to think like this that I start to attract women who were worth my efforts. And it was during this time I found what I was looking for. You can do the same, it just takes a bit of time to change your mindset.

Here are few simple tips below:

1. How to find a girlfriend becomes easier once you realize that something as simple as external aspects are very important in this endeavor. External aspects include things like how you dress, how you groom yourself and how good your personal hygiene is. This is not to say that guys who want a girlfriend should be vain; on the contrary, this is to encourage guys to show enough respect to women to show that they think enough of them to look presentable when meeting them.

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2. A style assessment is also called for. How to find a girlfriend rests a lot on how much attention you end up paying to the so-called small details. Girls are suckers for men who pay attention to the small details, so men are advised to play up whatever their good side is. A style assessment involves getting a good male friend to inspect your hygiene practices, your sense of style and even your personal fitness levels. This assessment is very useful because your friend (a third-party) will be able to spot small details that you may not spot on your own. Guys should not feel bad that they have stuff to work on since everyone can always improve in any area.

One big no-no here is being someone you are not. If you cannot adapt to the image make-over than don’t do it. Girls can easily spot someone that is not who they are. If you come across one way and then three months later return to your old self, you will lose the girl. Follow this tip very carefully.

3. Attitude is another aspect of how to find a girlfriend. Attitude involves having a good deal of self-confidence. Because it is not the easiest thing in the world to develop self-confidence, you should start on an aspect of it, which is the correct mindset. Here is how this mindset works. There are tons of girls just swimming around the proverbial ocean that is the world. This means that there are basically countless women who can end up being your girlfriend. If one rejects you, it is hardly the end of the world because you can just try again with the next fish in the ocean, so to speak.

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How to find a girlfriend is a combination of art and science. It represents a goal that many guys have over the course of their lives, more than just one time. The key to being successful in this endeavor is never giving up and certainly not getting discouraged if only one woman out of the billions on the planet rejects you. Guys who are determined enough to keep trying until they find the girlfriend for them will be rewarded with everything that they could ever want in a woman.

If you look to those that have beautiful girlfriends you may be asking yourself, “how did he land her?”, “How did he get her to marry him?” and other questions that you think may be impossible to answer. But I would like to leave you with an answer that most men will think is hogwash, but works. These men had a focused that others did not. Internally they wanted a girlfriend or they wanted to be married. Another thing these guys did, was have the kind of woman in mind to satisfy their desires both sexually and within the relationship. So when you are think about how to find a girlfriend, first look into yourself first and then outwards. The exercise will pay off in the end.

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