How to Flirt With Women

How To Flirt With Women

Have you ever been in this situation? You see a girl or a woman you want to get to know better, yet you have no idea how to get her to know you are interested. Have you ever run into that situation? How about this one? You are trying to flirt with a woman you find extremely attractive, yet she is not responding to you. Did that one ring a bell? If you ever run into anything like this or similar, this article will help,

Plain and simple, men want to learn how to flirt with women.  This is not a skill that occurs naturally; while some men are good at it, a lot more probably are dying to find out more on the subject. Flirting with women successfully will basically set the table for a whole world of further options with a woman and this includes intimacy. The following tips are going to take your flirting game from zero to intimate hero

How to Flirt With Women

Learn how to tease women. Teasing in this context is a way of gently poking fun at a woman whom you are interested in. It is not meant to ridicule or offensive or gross. Teasing is simply good-natured and even silly humor, which is a cornerstone of how to flirt with women.

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It is advised that you tease a woman based on three things: what she says, how she behaves herself or some other thing that you notice about her. Just observing and listening to a woman allows you many opportunities where you can find something which you can use in your tease. Keep the teasing light and fun.

Have the right lines. Using lines on women is a topic of debate because some swear by it while others maintain that they do not really work. In any event, having the right lines really can make you more effective in how to flirt with women. You simply have to determine which lines are winners. One good one is walking up to a woman and saying, “I can tell just by looking at you that you’re trouble”. The funny thing is I actually had a woman say this directly to me, even though it is a line for a guy. But don’t worry, I am 100% sure this line works a lot better when the guy says it to the girl.

Look for signs of flirting. Believe it or not, women will start to flirt first. It is a common mistake men make when they start to flirt with a woman. The guy ends up missing these subtle signs. Instead of picking up on these subtle signs and responding to them, these guys do things that end up doing things that go against the grain which kills the attraction. How to flirt with women depends a lot, on the ability to spot whether a woman is already flirting with you. For some men, their chances at getting with women are immediately destroyed if they cannot spot an incoming flirt from a woman. Some unmistakable flirting signs that women give off are touching your arm during conversation, tossing or playing with hair during a conversation, giving out a lot of compliments during conversation and prolonging the conversation so that you do not leave.

It is really important to look for those signs. A good way to do this is to use good eye contact. This is a very big thing for women. If a woman notices that you do not have good eye contact, she will withhold a lot of those signs from you. If you are confident and show good eye contact a woman will return those same signals and begin to flirt with you as well.

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Flirtatious body language. Body language that is flirtatious can go a long way. Men are advised to avoid at all costs the types of anxious body language that some display when talking with women whom they are interested in. Examples of things to avoid are insecure eye contact, bad posture and nervous ticks. Things to include are slow smiles, keeping eye contact, brief touches during conversation and being laid back in conversation.

Learning how to flirt with women is not as hard as some men might believe. It is a matter of gathering enough information, practicing what is learned and then going out into the field and trying your new flirting techniques. Putting together some strategies and tactics and then having the necessary confidence to apply these will greatly increase your ability to flirt. Flirting can be an art form if practiced properly, and there is nothing more suave than men who flirt.

Once you learn those things that work, they will continue to work on ninety percent of all the women out there. In the beginning you may be surprised how the same techniques can work on almost every woman, yet over time that sense of surprise will disappear. Eventually you will be able to look at any woman and be able to know if she is attracted to you before you even approach her. Once you reached this level you are an expert on how to flirt with women.

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