How to Get a Girl

How to Get a GirlThoughts on how to get a girl are likely in the minds of all men at one point or another in their lives. Getting a girl involves more than just having sex with the girl. At some point, when the need to simply have sex has been satisfied, many men will look to actually connecting with a girl on a deeper level and building a relationship with her. The following tips will help you get beyond just the physical aspect of a relationship and into something that will be more meaningful and long term.

How to Get A Girl

1. Never plan to get just a girl. Your first goal in how to get a girl is to actually expand your social network by means of encountering and getting to know a whole lot of people. The benefits of a strong social net are numerous. For example, strong networking decreases your loneliness factor and at the same time heightens your chances of finding a girl.

2. Be the chooser. Too many men strike out in their quest on how to get a girl because they subject themselves to the girl, thus giving her all of the power. These men’s attitude is of the chosen instead of the chooser. Instead, you are advised to maintain a confident and strong attitude, which you can only do if your attitude in approaching girls is seeing if any of them can impress you, instead of trying to consciously impress them.

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3. Be the social strategist. Think hard about who you know and who knows them in turn. Then, look at their social calendars to connect with your current friends and old friends which you have not talked to in long time. Make it a point to reconnect with everyone in your social network. Take them out to lunch or dinner and leave word with them that you really want hang out with them. Tell them to call you up if they have plans for a party or a social event. You have now just put yourself in that friend’s loop of social networking, thus increasing your chances of meeting girls.

4. Know what you want. To know the kind of girl you want, you have to make up your mind about what qualities you want in a girl. This alone will increase your shot at how to get a girl. This is key to getting a girl and keeping her around for a relationship. This goes way beyond pick-up “artistry” because this involves looking at the traits of a girl and not just what the girl looks like.

Now don’t get me wrong here, you will still need the pick up artist techniques to interact with the girl and charm her. Yet once you do, then it is time to move further into a more deeper relationship with her. I know a lot of men who started out a relationship based on sex and found that they really liked the girl. They then moved into something more deeper. A few even moved on into marriage.

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In order to succeed at how to get a girl, guys have to work on their social network as well as to really determine what they want in the girl. They have to work on getting the girl to impress them instead of just trying to get with a girl. This allows guys to shift the dynamic of power and put themselves in the more powerful position in the approach of girls. Guys should remember that getting with a girl should be more than just about sex, especially if they’re looking for meaningful relationship.

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