How to Get a Girlfriend

How to get a girlfriend? It’s probably a question you asked yourself a number of times. Getting a girlfriend is a rite of passage as much as it is something that can be considered bragging rights.

A guy just looks cooler and more  confident when rocking a woman on his arm! Also, you feel more satisfied with life in general when you have someone special to share your life with. The good times are higher and the bad times easier to get through. But getting a girlfriend can be a tricky process full of potential traps. The expert advice that follows will provide you with the necessary tools to get a girlfriend 0f your own:

How to Get a Girlfriend

1. The most fundamental part of how to get a girlfriend has to do with basics like looking your best. One of the first things you want to do is get your grooming, hygiene and style in order. This has to do more with common sense than with uncalled for vanity. Looking your best simply tells girls that you are very interested to meet them.

The kind of girl you attract will be defined by their first few seconds of interacting with you. You don’t have to be tall, good-looking, muscular or even have hair. But you do have to keep yourself looking presentable. If you want to attract a beautiful woman, who may be a potential girlfriend, then look your best when you are out of your home. You will attract the same. On the opposite side of things, If you want a grungy girl, then you know what to wear.

2. Getting the aid of a friend to help you is essential, too. Your buddy is there to perform a so-called style assessment on you. This is very helpful because your friend’s opinion will count as a third-party point of view that may spot problems to work on that you will not find yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask a close guy friend what your appearance looks like. Some guys are really good at telling you what not to wear. They may also have a lot more experience than you do with women and can change your style to match what kind of girl you are looking for. Trust me this works.

3. Having a good attitude is key. Attitude can make or break your attempt to get the girlfriend of your choice. It is advised that you adopt a confident attitude because confidence is simply an attractive quality, which can help you in how to get a girlfriend. While it may seem daunting to be confident when you could be facing the crushing blow of rejection, simply remember this. It is not prudent to invest too much emotional investment in any one girl, just because there are so many women in the world. If one rejects you, you can simply sashay your way to the next one.

4. Build up your own life. This tip comes from the philosophy that guys who misspend all their time (or much of it) looking for girls simply won’t have much of a fulfilling or exciting life of their own. Therefore, guys are advised to also concentrate on their own lives and try to create one for themselves that is filled with passion, excitement and interesting qualities. Girls are suckers for guys who have a passion in life about doing stuff that is worthwhile.

If you are a traveler, I can guarantee you a girl will be fascinated by your worldly travels. There are tons of hobbies you can into that girls will love. Take up guitar playing or learn to play the piano. Take up something that you are passionate about and that passion will translate into a passionate conversation with a girl who you want to get to know better.

5. Working on the size of your social circle can help you in your quest of how to get a girlfriend. This is simply basic logic: the more people you know, the likelier it is that you can find a girlfriend. Friends of friends often end up hooking up, but be cautious on hooking up with a girl that has already gone out with someone you know. It can get awkward and not a good prospect for a long lasting girlfriend.

Something better would be to go out with a cousin of a friend. Or maybe a sister of your married friend’s wife who is visiting from time to time. Girls like this are part of a social circle, but are not intimate with the circle.

In the pursuit of how to get a girlfriend, there are many traps that you can fall into. You can misspend too much time pursuing one, or you may even become discouraged after investing way too much emotion into a girl who rejects you. That is why the aforementioned tips are so useful. Now it is time to take some of what you learned and go out to put it to use. It is going to be hard at first, but over time it will become easier and it will feel natural to you.

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