How to Get Girls

How to Get Girls The art of learning how to get girls is one of the most enjoyable arts, as what can be better than spending an evening with a beautiful woman who is actually interested in who you are? Learning how to get girls can be tough, but the most important thing to remember when trying to get a girl is: it’s not about you.

How to Get Girls

So many men find that they fail miserably to get girls, and this is the fault of their preening, boasting, and constantly talking about themselves. Learning how to get girls is more than learning how to talk to them; it’s actually about learning how to listen to them and show that you are interested in what they have to say. If you can show a woman that you are interested in her, you will find that she will be more interested in you simply because you are unique from most of the men in the world who only want to talk.

Once you have learned how to get girls by listening to them, you will need to work on your conversation skills. Learning how to carry on a conversation with a woman in order to attract her is about talking about things that she finds interesting. If you can find common ground that you share, great. If not, don’t hesitate to show your ignorance of the woman’s area of expertise by asking questions. Women will actually find this very attractive, as few men are willing to show that they know nothing about a topic. The fact that you are admitting that you don’t know everything and that she can teach you something gives her a feeling of power, and women love to feel that they are in charge.

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Too many guys try too hard to be something they are not just for the sake of picking up a pretty girl. Trying too hard to be what you are not is a sure recipe for disaster, as you are guaranteed to fail miserably if you forget to keep your act up. The best thing to do in order to know how to get girls is simply to be yourself, as you are attractive for who you are. You have something to offer, and you will find a surprising number of women who will take the bad because of the good.

Being yourself doesn’t mean airing out your garbage or being too forthright with things you have no reason to say. Don’t just tell women about everything just because you are trying to be yourself, but keep the conversation light and interesting. Conversation is half about saying the right things, and half about not saying the wrong things.

Women like to dig when they find an area of your life interesting and they will dig even more when they find you are uncomfortable talking about a certain area in your life. When you get into a situation like this, take the lead in the conversation and change the topic. At this point you need to be the man and lead her to an area of the conversation you are comfortable with. Believe it or not, but this uncomfortable situation is a test and if you give into her test, you will fail. Be strong and hold your ground.

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In the end, knowing how to get girls is more about knowing how to show that you are interested in them as a person rather than just as some object of sexual desire. Showing a woman that you are interested in them will set you apart from the other jerks they meet, and is guaranteed to help you succeed far better than any pickup artist’s tricks.

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