How to Make Out

The art of how to make out is something that people of all ages, cultures and societies look to perfect. From the traditional peck on the lips to the more sensual French Kiss, cultures have defined what kissing means for them. The word “making out” is American slang first documented in 1949. It is similar to other definitions like necking, hooking up and heavy petting.

Making out can mean different things for different people. And it takes a bit of time to figure out what each other likes. There are those that like wet kisses and others who prefer more subtle tight mouth kisses. You can tell what is appropriate by the mood of the room. If she is getting more hotter, breathing harder and starting to pet, then you are kissing her the way she wants. If she is kind of reserved, then you have not reach a point where she is comfortable with your kisses.

How To Make Out The Right Way

1. Brushing your teeth may seem like a no-brainer, but it is the first tip to ensure that your make out session starts off on the right track. Another similar tip is to take along some gum with you—or perhaps some mints—before you start getting into it. Gum is important if you just came back from dinner and there is no where to brush your teeth. In a pinch, a strong peppermint of spearmint gum will do.

2. Knowing how to spot a willing partner is a fundamental aspect of how to make out. It can be humiliating and also a blow to your confidence if you lean in and your partner is just not feeling it. Some body-language signs that show a willing partner include touching, open body language, eye contact that is prolonged and smiling. Those with confidence and not afraid of rejection are encouraged to just boldly ask, “Want to make out?!”

Although asking works sometimes, girls tend to not like to be asked. They expect the man to know when its the right time to kiss them. And if you don’t know, then it is probably not the right moment. She needs to be leaning into you. You should not have to go after her and she needs to be ready. How do you know?

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There are a few signs that will tell you when she is ready to make out. The fist sign is she is leaning into you and when you lean back she does not lean back. If she does lean back, you lean back in to see if she comes halfway. If she does, get closer like you are going to kiss her, then lean back again, but this time turn away like you are going to get up to leave, but then immediately turn back with a smile and lean back into the conversation.

 It sounds like a game, but it is not. You are working on her psychological triggers. She will have no idea why the feeling of wanting to kiss you is growing inside her, but you will know. Once she leans in again. Start to look at her mouth as she speaks. This will have a very powerful psychological effect on her that will not only make her want to kiss you, but also want to have sex with you. Now make a triangle pattern with your eyes. Go from her mouth to her left eye and then to her right and finally go back to her mouth. Continue to make a triangle with your eyes as she talks and stop when she starts to look at you the same way. She will psychological be forced to do the same back to you. At this time, it is OK to go in for a kiss.

3. Start slowly by leaning in for the first contact so that your partner can meet you halfway. Kiss only with your lips at first, and strike an alluring balance between moderate firmness, but not lifelessness either. As the passion intensifies press your tongue into her mouth. She will already be expecting this and anticipating the feel of your tongue inside her mouth.

4. Start deep kissing by inserting your tongue salaciously into your partner’s mouth. However, strike a fair balance between sticking it deeply into your partner’s throat and pulling back. Seduction and passion is never hard or fast. Gentle movements inside her mouth will build even more passion than sloppy movements and tongue thrusting. This will also help you from hitting your teeth against hers. Pressing too hard will bang your teeth against yours and ruin the moment.

5. Finding a rhythm is key once you have been making out. Do not over think finding a rhythm; just listen to your body and your partner’s body. That balance will start to form on its own.

6. Getting into it is necessary to reach maximum enjoyment. Instead of just dangling your arms lifelessly, let them hold and stroke your partner’s hair and face. At this point don’t hold back, explore your partners body. Feel her response to your touch. She may pull back and that is OK. She is not ready for more than just kissing. Keep kissing for awhile and then try again to see if she is more willing to go further. Often times it takes a bit of kissing to get her to want more from you. This is why gentle passionate kissing is better than aggressive thrusting of the tongue. This kind of kissing can scare her, where gentle passionate kissing can make her fantasize about passionate love making with you.

The art of how to make out is something that you can make all your own. It is rare for someone to have the same style as another. A girl that is kissed a lot may prefer a certain kind of kisser and you will be able to tell if she is this kind of girl by her reaction to you.

You yourself can also tell a lot from a kiss. You can find out whether she is really into you or just there for a bit of fun. Girls that tend to kiss just a little, but ready for sex are there for the fun and not for the long term. A kiss means a lot for woman. It is her contract with you and if the kissing is light, but the sex is hot, then she is only there for the fun of it. A night of passionate kissing and sex would have meant she wanted more from you than just fun. Now you have the tools to how to make out. Use them responsibly and they will pay off for you time and time again.

When you can kiss like these two in the video below, then you are ready for the big time.



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