How to Meet Girls

How To Meet GirlsThis article is going to lay down a few tips on how to meet girls. It is really not that hard to meet a girl, it just takes some imagination and a little initiative. If you are a guy who has been down on his luck with girls in the past, then this article is going to get you moving in the right direction. Some guys allow themselves to be intimidated by girls, but this should be overcome if they want to have a lot of success with women. The key to having success with meeting girls is to be more open and sociable.

How to meet girls

One good tip to start out with, is to always meet a girl by smiling with your eyes. This means eyebrows raised a little and eyes open. Practice by smiling at yourself in the mirror. Look at how your eyes look when you smile, then stop smiling, but keep the same expression with your eyes. Now you are smiling with your eyes and not your mouth.

Meeting girls when you’re out and about, it is one of the toughest things to do. It is like cold calling someone to sell them something. It is never easy for the guy and can be quite unsettling for the girl. A great way to get around the awkwardness is to ask the girl a question or ask her opinion. For example, lets say you see a very attractive woman standing in a grocery store. You can easily stand next to her and pretend you are searching for the same thing she is searching for. Then ask her what she things of the brand you just chose. Women always reply when they are asked to give their opinion. You can do this anywhere.

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Let’s say you are in the street and standing next to a very beautiful woman. You can say something like this, “What do you think of this weather?” She will be sure to respond. Then all you need to do is move into the next part of the conversation. Introduce yourself, extend your hand to shake hers and say “I am sorry I am being rude, my name is…” She will respond by shaking your hand and and replying with her name. From there she will move the conversation forward. She make ask you where you are heading to or what are you doing in this part of town. How to meet girls “cold turkey style,” is the most nerve racking, but if done right it can take you all the way into the bedroom and beyond..

Expanding your social circle is another surefire way of how to meet girls. It is only common logic that dictates that the more people you come in contact with, the more females you will meet. This is called playing the numbers and it works very well. Shyness need not be a barrier in this endeavor. Expanding your social circle is not so much about hosting a party, but more about skillfully being able to organize a group of people whose personalities shall provide the entertainment.

One or many wing men might seem like contrary advice, but it can be awfully effective in the aim of how to meet girls. Meeting girls is about getting to know more people, both men and woman. Think of it like this: If you invite guys to a party or they come along with you as you scope out the club, they will be able to interact with a group of women better than you can alone. A group of women usually go into a protection mode when they are in a social situation. Have a few guys with you to distract them, while you talk to a girl of your choice is important if you want to be success.

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Meeting girls can also be about simply going to a place where you will naturally find a lot of girls. For instance, if you have a specialty clothing store—like Brooks Brothers—that you like and that also has a female section, you can run into girls there. Girls like to shop, so if you want to succeed at how to meet girls, you should look for them in their natural environment.

The techniques in how to meet girls relies on doing several things right from the start It is all about getting a big enough social circle in the first place to increase your chances of meeting girls. Then, it is about having the guts enough to go up to a girl and start chatting her up. When you do, make sure you prolong the conversation by getting the girl to give her opinion on stuff. Once you get her talking, her natural personality will take over and she will warm up to you.

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