How to Meet Women

How To Meet WomenThere are a lot of different opinions on how to meet women. Some say to be aggressive and others say to be friendly and submissive. All these suggestions mean very little if the techniques do not fit your personality. They will also do you no good if you don’t search out information to better your technique and put those techniques into action. Below are a few things you can do to meet women.

How to Meet Women

 1. Make Lists

Take pen in hand and list everything comes to mind about your interests. Common interests play a big part in the male/female relationship. Nothing is too far-fetched or mundane.

When your inner-well runs dry of interests, write a statement regarding your intentions concerning how to meet women. If you’re searching for the ideal companion, your intentions need to be written down so you model your thoughts on a daily basis. Positive reinforcement by expressing your thoughts in written word is important in this kind of situation.

If your intentions are to just meet women for casual fun, then you will want to take a different approach. Just writing down your intentions is not enough, your behaviors and body language need to be in line with what you want from a woman. Women that are looking for someone to have fun with are different than those that may want a long term relationship or marriage. How you act, walk, talk, wear etc., will make a big difference in your success.

2. Go Where Women Go

One common misconception is the thought that there is place where all women go. Some feel you can go to these place to watch other men meeting when and in turn you too can learn how to meet women. You see this kind of thing a lot in movies where a group of young boys may hear of a place to meet tons of girls. They go there to observe and try their hand at meeting women. The fact is, in the movies is the only place something like this can happen.

You might have heard someone say, “This is the place to pick up women”. Yet when you get there, the anticipation and expectations are not met. Why would one guy think on place is better than another?

This has to do with the guy himself. You see one man may have learned the body language and traits that attract women. As soon as they walk into a club, restaurant or any establishment, the women are already looking at him. These men have the success they do, because they know the secrets to attracting women.

You don’t have to be handsome, tall, and thin, have hair, smart, rich or any other thing that men thing they need to meet a woman. Men simply need to follow certain behaviors and traits to get the woman they want or to meet many women for casual fun.

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3. Go to Holy Places

Have you ever heard the saying that “Catholic girls are easy” or something to the extent that a certain religion churns out horny women? Men believe catholic women are told from birth not to have sex until they are married, so if a guy comes along that they find attractive, they will be “wet and ready” to do whatever that guy wants.

Again, this is a misconception. Women are not programmed by religion to do what their minds and body’s desire. They do go to bed with a guy, talk to a guy and spend time with a guy because of a man’s ability to understand them at a level that most men never do. And I am not talking about a man getting close to his inner woman, pleasing a woman in any way possible or any of that other crap they try to teach men. I am talking about becoming the Alpha Male. The Alpha Male demands a woman’s desires, dedication, attention and more just by acting in a certain way.

Most men that approach a woman are not prepared for what comes next. Most women easily pick a part a guy and leave him confused, insecure and basically womanless. It takes understanding a woman’s objectives and triggers for her to open herself up to a guy. Most men think it has to do with good looks or money. That is one of the biggest misconceptions of the modern world.

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To meet a woman you need to arm yourself with the physiological triggers and body language that tells a woman you are worthy of her and will provide the safety and satisfaction she is looking for in you. There is no particular one place to go to meet a woman. You can meet a woman in the market, just as easily as you can meet one in a club. The goal to how to meet women needs to be focused on first learning the right techniques to have success no matter where you find yourself to be.

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