How to Pick Up Girls

Tips on How to Pick up Girls

How to Pick Up GirlsThe art form in how to pick up girls is more than just having money or a position of power. Although at times, this may help it will not get you the girl every single time. Men that rely on their position of power, looks or some other external feature, will never have the success that many men already have by focusing on body language, eye focus, words and social behaviors. They all play a role in picking up girls. I would go as far as to say that men like this, may have a large advantage over the old thinking. It is the thought process that you need money and power to attract a beautiful woman and further you need this as a prerequisite to take her home for a night of fun. Below are a few tips that are going to get you closer to being someone who always gets the girl versus someone who has to spend a lot of money and fakery to get a girl into his bed.

How to Pick Up Girls

1. Save your money on expensive gym memberships, weight lifting programs, and supplements to pack on the muscles. If your intentions are to attract girls this way, then don’t do it. It is a well know fact that this does not increase your chances in succeeding with a girl. Yet if you are working out and taking supplements to keep yourself healthy and in good shape, then this comes across different to a girl. You are doing it for yourself and women like this kind of mentality.

It is also OK to show off your muscles, yet don’t flaunt what you have. Coming across as arrogant is not what you want to do. Looking good and keep yourself in good physical condition is good enough. Now let’s move on.

2. Working on how you dress can also make inroads in how to pick up girls. Girls are known to note how a man puts himself together. Brand name is not important here, nor is the cost of the clothing. You just need to look presentable for the environment you are going to be socializing in. For example if you are at party that is casual, then a nice pair of jeans with a button down shirt (not tucked in) is appropriate. Follow that up with a stylish pair of shoes, and you are good to go. If you are not sure what kind of shoes to buy, find someone in the store to help you choose. If you can find a female store attendant, then you’ve hit gold, because she can tell you exactly what will look appealing to a woman. The same goes for your clothing. Always seek out a female store attendant to help you decided.

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3. Good hygiene is almost a no-brainer as far as tips go. A man’s hygiene regimen must include much more than simply drenching himself in cheap cologne and maybe a little bit of deodorant. Actually taking a shower before putting on cologne and deodorant works a whole lot better, so make sure to bath before going out.

A good close shave or the five o’ clock shadow works wonders. Keep your hair well kept. Even if you wear your hair long, that is OK as long as you look the part and keep it neat. The whole Grunge thing will only go so far with a girl. It might get you through the door, but it will miss most of time when trying to get the girl into bed with you.

4. Picking the right location is essential in how to pick up girls. Whether it is a favorite table of yours or just a corner of the bar that you like, you must arrive early enough so that you can get your hands on some choice real estate in any establishment. During a long enough night out, the right location will be a very precious commodity.

This true no matter where you go. Even if you are at a restaurant, you may want to ask to be seated where you see the most traffic coming in and out of the restaurant. If you see someone you would like to talk to, it is easy to walk up and invite her to a drink at the bar after she finishes dinner. Location is always important, because you never know what you might miss if you in the wrong place at the wrong time.

5. Making your move is what it is all about. How to pick up girls all comes down to, in the end, the moves you end up putting on the lucky lass. If you see something you desire, you should go up to her and simply start up a conversation, provided that you know what you are talking about. Trying something novel—like being honest with the girl—is recommended because it will come across as refreshingly authentic.

Introduce yourself with your name and not a cheesy line. Tell her that you were admiring something that you noticed about her. Then ask her a question about it. Here is one way to go about, yet you need to figure out what will work best for you. It can go something like this, “I was walking by and noticed that your cell phone is/was ____, how long have you had it?” Do you like it?” This will get her talking, then after she is finished answering, introduce yourself. “I was thinking of getting a phone like that, by the way my name is _____.” See, how easy that was. It was a simple conversation that is now leading into something more. After I got her name, I would say something like this, “Hey I need to get back to my table, but I would love to talk to you more, would you be available for a drink after dinner?” If she say yes, then you are in business and if she say no, then ask her if you can call her later to meet up another time. In almost ever instance she will either join you for a drink or give you her phone number.

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Make sure you do the once over when walking towards her. Look for a ring on the finger and above all ensure she is not there with a boyfriend or husband. The last thing you want to do is make a mistake and talk to someone that is already taken. You want to enjoy a nice comfortable evening, not get into a fight or anything like that. It can really ruin your evening. Play it smart before going in for the conversation.

How to pick up girls comes down to perseverance and determination. Over time your chances with women will drastically increase if you give the aforementioned tips a try. Soon you going to find your nights more exciting and your mornings more sensually fulfilled.

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