How to Pick Up Women

The art of learning how to pick up women is one of the best, but it is something that cannot simply be learned by taking a course or by watching instructional videos. Finding out how to pick up women according to your personality, looks, and preferences will be different each time, and you may find that the techniques that work with one woman will fail miserably with others.


How to Pick Up Women

The most important thing to remember is that women love a man of confidence, and confidence will be your most attractive feature. You can rest assured that women will love to talk to you if you carry yourself with confidence, hold your head high, smile at those around you, and simply enjoy yourself. Only confident men will be comfortable in their environment, and women will usually be able to pick out the confident man from the crowd.

Confidence is not about being arrogant, haughty, or staring down your nose at everyone as if they were inferior to you. You may be attractive, but don’t act like you know. Be pleasant to everyone, and don’t be aloof as if you are better than everyone else. Be confident, but most importantly, be easily approachable by anyone.

Knowing how to pick up women goes beyond your poise, as you actually have to take action to pick up the women. You will need to go talk to women, and that is usually the hard part. Many men fail to approach women properly, as they try cheesy pickup lines that every woman has heard hundreds of times. The best approach is simply to introduce yourself casually, give her a sincere, simple compliment, and ask her about herself.

The secret to knowing how to pick up women is about getting them to talk about themselves. Women love to feel that men are interested, so don’t hesitate to ask questions from her or show that you are ignorant in a certain field or area. You don’t know everything, so ask her pointed questions to show that you are interested in an area in which you only have limited knowledge.

Be direct, and be funny without trying too hard. Women love a man with a sense of humor, but not one that tries too hard. Make a simple offhanded joke about something, but don’t get flustered if she doesn’t laugh. Try to find where her sense of humor lies within the first few sentences, and simply stop trying to be funny if you find that your jokes are failing. Most women will naturally find a sense of humor in a man they find attractive, but men who try to hard usually end up failing.

Physical contact is one of the secrets of learning how to pick up women, and you will find that the occasional touch of your hand or arm will interest her. Maintain good eye contact, but don’t stare into her eyes for too long. Usually a few seconds is enough or you start to make her feel uncomfortable. A lot of times if a women finds you staring into her eyes for too long she will think you have something to tell her. She may say something like, “What?” or “Why are you looking at me like that?” Unless you have something very interesting to say, any other word out of your mouth may sound chessy and fall on deaf ears. If you get caught in this situation like this, fall back on focusing on something she is wearing. Comment on her clothing, hair or perfume, but stay away from tell her how beautiful you think she is.

If a women is very attractive and you tell her she is pretty or beautiful, this will not go very far on the first chance of meeting her. Say something different like, “I like the way your hair looks”. Or you can say something like, “You have a nice voice”. Keep it simple and straight forward in the beginning, do not try too hard. There will be plenty of time to tell her how beautiful she is on the next date. Get past the introduction first before pouring on the chessy stuff and you will become better versed in how to pick up women.

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