How to Please A Woman in Bed

How to Become an Alpha MaleKnowing how to please a woman is a complex art, but can be mastered, and understanding how to do it right will make you a very popular guy with the women indeed. Seeing as each woman has different desires and interests, there is nothing that will ensure that your efforts to learn how to please a woman will make you the best lover. However, you will find that there are a few things that every woman loves, and using the following tips can help you to be as effective as possible at pleasing women:

Tips on How to Please a Woman in Bed

  • Foreplay is the thing that most women love, though every woman’s definition of foreplay is bound to be different. Some women want talking, while others want long minutes of kissing or petting. Foreplay actually begins before the bedroom door ever opens, as a woman will be in the mood or not according to how her day has been and how you treated her. Treat her well during the day, and she is much more likely to treat you well at night.
  • Don’t worry if your woman seems to be slightly prudish or into the regular sexy things. You may find that she has hidden desires that she is ashamed to tell you, at least until she knows you well. Try experimenting with different things to find out what she likes, and you may find that you two have a number of great, kinky desires that you share. Don’t hesitate to suggest something new and exciting, though let her suggest the very kinky or strange things.

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  • Skipping foreplay is likely to make sex end more quickly, and it will leave her unsatisfied and fairly angry. If you want to be successful at pleasing your woman, you will need to spend time playing with all of her favorite body parts. Don’t hesitate to explore, enjoy, lick, touch, and nibble on all the sensitive bits of her body, and watch how she responds. Take note of the areas where you get the best response, and spend a bit of extra time there to ensure that she enjoys herself as much as you are enjoying her.
  •  A surprising number of men are great at intercourse but fail miserably when it comes to oral and manual stimulation of a woman. While being an expert at intercourse is to be desired, you would be surprised to find most women will tell you that knowing how to please a woman is all about being versatile. The more ways you can find to please her, the more likely she will be to truly enjoy herself. Practice oral sex, research it, and find out what your woman likes in order to ensure that you give her the best sexual experience possible.

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  • The most important part of any woman’s sexual experience is her orgasm, and you should know how to please a woman enough to make her orgasm. Remember that hers are much more important than yours, and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that she can orgasm a number of times. Understand terms and putting them into play is important.

Taking time to inform yourself of a woman’s most responsive  sexual areas will take a you a long way with women and in knowing  how to please a woman. Some women don’t even know what areas of their body are the most responsive. Many do not know there is such a thing as a G spot and men who understand it and use it to their benefit can give their woman an explosive orgasm, one that she’ll always remember that it was you that gave it to her.

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