How to Satisfy a Woman

How to Satisfy a WomanLearning how to satisfy a woman is not a simple 3-step process and once you learn what one woman wants, you will have to learn something new all together if you find a different woman. All women are different when it comes sexual satisfaction. Where one might want it a little rough, another might enjoy a more romantic, gentle setting. Sometimes it might feel like you are spending a lifetime trying to figure this all out, however, the good news is that there are a few simple things that every woman loves. And you will find that learning how to satisfy a woman is a good deal simpler than you thought.

The secret to satisfying a woman is finding what she likes and doing that, and great sex involves your discovering what exactly your woman wants. Do that one thing a lot and include a few new things from time to time will get her dropping her panties faster than you can get her into bed.

Below are a few simple ways to satisfy a woman doing exactly what she doesn’t even know she wants.

How to Satisfy A Woman

1. Get her to relax before undressing her, as only a relaxed woman will be able to truly enjoy herself. Getting her to relax will be different for each woman, as each woman has a method of relaxation that will be different. Give her a massage, do the dishes, read a book with her, or do whatever it takes to relax her at the end of a day.

2. Don’t hurriedly take off all her clothes in order to get to “the good parts”, but take your time to undress her. While it may be fun and passionate to undress each other in a hurry, there will always be a time when a slow and sensual disrobing will be the best. Don’t rush it, but take your time to get her clothes off. Have fun with taking her clothes off, and use your skills to make it a memorable few minutes until she is begging for more.

3. Kissing a woman is the best way to learn how to satisfy a woman, but don’t stick with just the lips. Kiss anywhere you want, going down the neck, nibbling on the ears, brushing the collarbone, and heading any way your lips take you. Soft, gentle kisses are much more effective, but don’t hesitate to throw in a soft bite or two unless the girl indicates she dislikes it. You may think that all women enjoy oral pleasures, may do not. Don’t assume anything, ask if she likes what you are doing. If she does not enjoy it, she will tell you.

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4. Don’t always have sex in bed, but be spontaneous and get her out of the bed. Try doing it in the kitchen, throwing a mattress on the patio, or even on the couch. Having fun in random locations is sure to satisfy her, and getting out of the bedroom every once in a while can spice up the sex like nothing else can. Be creative, but always keep in mind some women like to have sex just in the bedroom and will be uncomfortable anywhere else.

5. Make sure to give the woman great “service” before even thinking about yourself. The men who know how to satisfy a woman most effectively are those who do what women want. You will find that pleasing your woman is sure to make her do anything she can to please you bank, and you will have a grateful woman who is happy when she gets what she wants.

I have a rule of thumb to always pleasure a woman more than once before I pleasure myself. You will be surprised how many men care little about their woman’s pleasure in bed. And one good thing about this, is women always talk to their friends about their sexual encounters. If you are the kind of guy who likes more than one women, then there will always be a few women waiting in the wings to give your skills a try.

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6. The most important thing to remember when learning how to satisfy a woman, find out what she likes and do that. Don’t stick with those things only, but you can always fall back on them if something you try isn’t working. Moral of the story here is ask what she likes. If you are shy to talk about it in person, then try it through text message. Women find it easier to talk through text message about what they like in bed.


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