How to Seduce a Woman

How to Seduce a WomanHow to Seduce a Woman

The thought of seducing a woman has probably crossed a man’s mind at any one point or another. How to seduce a woman is all about having the right strategy and the confidence to back it up. In the world of dating and relationships, seduction is an ingredient that can make this game all the more thrilling and exciting. With the following tips, you can expect to seduce a whole lot more women.

Tips on How to Seduce a Woman


1. Confidence is the first step in the game of how to seduce a woman. Confidence is something that can be learned, although some men are just naturally better at it than others. Society is to blame for what is known as the negative social conditioning that is in the heads of most men and women. Once you get past this, confidence will come naturally to you. Basically, confidence is being secure in who you are and not caring what other people think or say about you.

Be careful here not to mistake confidence with ego. Ego is something that can hold you back. It can have a negative outcome if you let it guide your thoughts and actions. Leaving the ego behind will definitely work in your favor.

2. Getting over the fear of rejection is essential in how to seduce a woman. Unfortunately for some men, a fear of rejection is what they are scared of the most. This leads them not to be able to get over their innate fear of rejection. Men should look at the game of seduction this way. If they approach 10 women and 8 of them reject them, that means that 2, or 20 percent, will still agree to go out with them or have relations with them. Looked at in a slightly more optimistic way, that actually means that you get to score with about 20 percent of all women you approach. And in the game of seduction, that is what really counts.

I once knew a guy that would walk into a bar and talk to every woman in the bar. I am not kidding, he would talk to every woman. I use to be his wingman, so I have first account of the outcome to this approach. He was very short, not good looking and was rejected a number of times. Some women were down right rude to him, but in the end and because of this approach, we always had a group of women at our table. These women were very interested in what we had to talk about. This is called the “numbers game” and you need to have some very thick skin to play it. The funny thing is some of those women that were very rude to him end up at our table for the rest of the night.


3. Differentiation is a word that most people are probably not familiar with. In the game of how to seduce a woman, differentiation refers to making yourself stand out from any other guys that she may want to hook up with. This means that you do not have to be better than other guys, but you do have to make yourself look very unique and different from all the rest of the competition.

You might recognize this approach by watching a few men in the club. There may by one guy with his shirt off in the middle of the dance floor getting his groove on. He may have a few women dancing with him. Or the guy with a really loud, unique shirt on, again an attention grabber. These men use the differentiation approach to woo the women.

4. The fourth tip on how to seduce a woman is called mind hacking. Mind hacking is a pickup artistry technique that takes advantage of a peculiar aspect of womanly psychology. It is used to get inside her mind (her mind, at first) to make an impression on her. First, just inquire what the dream man is of the woman you are trying to seduce. As she is rattling off her list of attributes, sneakily insert into the discussion some manner in which you actually satisfy some of those attributes.

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Seducing women all begins with having a healthy amount of confidence. Confidence is the way that you get your foot in the door of being successful in your pursuit of how to seduce a woman. Once you master getting over your fear of rejection and mastering the female psyche, you will go a long way in your seduction of women. Give the link above a try, you are going to be surprised how easy it is to master these seduction techniques.

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