How to Talk to Girls

How to talk to girls is a topic that has probably confounded some men at one point or another in their lives. Talking to girls is essential if any man is ever going to be able to truly score with a woman. After all, before any action can be secured, a man simply has to break the ice with a girl and just go up and talk to her.

With these following tips you will have better success in your quest to get with a girl to go out with you or even sleep with you:

How to Talk to Girls

Listen carefully for a keyword that the girl you are interested in speaks. These so-called keywords are what you should be on high alert for as words that you yourself can misconstrue, twist or misinterpret in some humorous or funny manner. If done properly, this technique works magic at beginning conversations with girls and making sure the conversations are unpredictable, fun, fresh and funny at the same time.

This is a method where you listen for a word or phrase she might bring up that could have two different meanings. For example if she says something like this, “It sounds like you are a pretty tough boss, you must ride them pretty hard.” Your response might be, ” Actually I prefer just one partner at a time.” Did you catch that? it is a play on words. The word “hard” can have a sexual meaning as well as a work related meaning. Most of the time you will get a laugh and a response back to you joke.

Involving yourself in a discussion with girls is another great tip on how to talk to girls. Guys who are serious about talking to girls should not wait to get a turn to talk to a woman. They should just confidently jump into a conversation. If they do not, they will be judged by the girls as being less critical or less willing to make an effort.

Facial expressions are very important when talking to women. Guys are advised to work on their facial expressions if they are truly committed to how to talk to girls. Girls show a lot of facial expressions when talking. Thus, guys should do their best to copy said expressions in order to create a relationship that is more intimate with girls.

Being indirect with girls in conversations can go a long way in how to talk to girls. Girls generally use longer sentences to communicate because they are wrapped up in the feeling or the emotion of things. Thus, guys should work on prolonging conversations with women instead of resolving an issue that is being discussed, which would bring about a quick end to any conversations. Guys have to remember never to use closed questions with girls. Closed questions are those that prompt a “yes” or a “no” answer. Instead, guys should ask girls questions that get them to explain themselves.

Here is an example of what not to ask, “That is a nice watch, where did you buy it?” Now let’s rephrase this question into an open ended conversational question. “That is a nice watch, how did you go about getting it?” This now prompts her to tell a story of how she thought about it, shopped for it, thought about it some more and then finally bought it. The first question just ends up with her tell you she bought it at a store. It can also lead to her asking you questions about your thoughts on her timepiece choice.

Being positive in how to talk to girls can also be to your advantage. Only talking about positive things will subconsciously remind girls that they have just had an enjoyable conversation. Therefore, it is imperative that guys sidestep subject matter like politics and religion.

This is one is important. Girls like guys that are fun and lighthearted about things. If you go into a conversation on war, politics or economical issues, she will be sure to leave the conversation and go talk to someone else. Girls rarely like this kind of conversation. There are some girls that break the rules and go against the grain, but in most instances you will not find this conversation going anywhere but down hill fast. A girl who is a political science major or has a job in government/politics will be the only one interested in what you have to say about a topic like this. Just a note of caution about women in politics; I can guarantee you your views will not match hers and you will end up upsetting her, than getting into her pants. You have been forewarned.

How to talk to girls is a topic that some men feel scared about. To some men, talking to girls is a bigger cause for concern than getting a root canal at the dentist. However, with the aforementioned tips, guys can succeed at talking to girls with greater confidence and success.

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