How to Talk to Women

How to Talk to WomenDo you know how to talk to women so they really open up to you? Do you know how to approach a stranger and get her to trust you, respond to you, and eventually go out with you? If you are like most men, you have some success in this department, but it could be far better. Alternatively, you may feel completely hopeless when it comes to striking up a conversation with a beautiful woman. Either way, there are tips that you can use to your advantage. Pay close attention, because these tips could completely change the way you approach and communicate with women.

How to Talk to Women – Tips For Men

#1: Talking With Your Body Language

Most human communication occurs through body language, rather than vocal exchange. A woman will notice when your body points toward her, you lean in to wipe a stray hair from her cheek, or you lean in to hear what she is saying. Something as simple as placing a hand on her shoulder will go a long way to communicate your interest.

If you are interested in learning how to talk to women, start brushing up on your nonverbal cues. Learn how to show your interest and desire without speaking. You still have to use words, but body language is a strong supplement that will make communication easier. Body language can also turn a woman away from you, so it is best to study up on body language before trying this method.

#2: Listen More Than You Talk

Learning how to talk to women involves learning how to listen and respond to her. You might not care about what she is talking about, but if you want to keep the conversation going, you will need to interact with her on subjects she is interested in. As you speak, you can shift the conversation into things you are interested in and she will need to keep up with you. Then you can allow her to shift back to her interests. This back n forth communication style will give you a lot of insight into her likes and dislikes. It can also help you decide whether or not you want to spend more time with her.

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If you are communicating with a woman who knows how to communicate well, she will ask questions about you as well. This will give you an opportunity to share a little about yourself, but do not go overboard. Just the right amount is sufficient. Especially when you first meet a woman. Too much information can turn a woman off. Give a genuine answer and then present an opportunity for her to take over once again. This is the back-and-forth type of conversation that allows you to learn more about one another. Listening closely is the biggest tip you will ever get on learning how to talk to women.

#3: Confidence Is Important

The biggest mistake many men make when approaching or conversing with women is to show their anxiety. Rather than looking her in the eye, they stare down at their hands or shoes. Rather than asking direct questions with sincere interest, they mumble comments that leave no room for intelligent response from the woman. This shows a lack of confidence, and tells the woman that they do not feel worthy of her.

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Women can pick up on someone who is lacking in confidence. Often times a woman will use it to their advantage to get you to do things you would normally not do. Often times a man can become a bank account for a woman instead of a true boyfriend or lover if he does not exhibit the confidence she is expecting. Confidence, body language and conversation are all keys to getting her to drop her barriers and open up to you,

If you want to learn how to talk to women, look for information on building confidence and conversational skills. You will start to display behaviors and body language that is far more attractive than six pack abs or perfectly placed hair.

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