What to Watch Out For When You Meet Local Women

Meeting Local WomenMeet Local Women

When you  meet a woman for the first time, you need to be prepared for the tests she will throw at you. This kind of thing will happen more so if you meet local women at a bar or dance club. Normally a restaurant environment or meeting a girl in any other kind of interfacing environment will not be as tough.

Yet for the most part, you will probably meet a woman you want to talk to in a club or bar. Let us get into these little things that can sink your boat.

What To Avoid When You Meet Local Women

Now the first thing you want to watch out for is the intentional ignoring. You will see this most when girls are in a group together. They like to see if you can handle engaging the group in conversation and not just her. She wants to know if you can handle her friends.

What you want to do here is be calm and start talking to another girl in the group or engage the entire group in conversation. You never want to walk away or back down. You will show a lack of confidence and immediately fail the test.

Keep in mind other women are watching you as well and if they noticed your failure here, you stand little chance of being successful with another woman in the club or bar. If you are truly annoyed with the girl, then make a point to say something like, “I will be back in a bit, I see someone I know”. Then walk right over to another girl that is not close to the original group and start talking to her.

A second thing to watch out for is the girl that is somewhat rude. You will run into girls and women that will try to make fun of you. They may make rude comments about how you dress, your features or other things. What you want to do here is ignore them completely. Don’t look at them or address their remarks. Continue to carry on the conversation like you did not hear what she said. If she continues, then you simply tell her in a calm voice,  “stop doing that” and continue on with the conversation.

What you have done is controlled the situation and also prevented her from getting any kind of response from you. If you pass this kind of test, you will quickly gain her respect. Yet keep in mind a girl like this is tough to be with over a long period of time. It is better to get to know her a bit, sleep with her and eventually find someone that will respect you.

So when in a club or bar, know how you are going to respond to situation like this and you will definitely come out on top. You will most likely be taking one of these girls home, but again keep your emotional distance from them, they are not the kind to keep around for the long term. Remember to be cautious when meeting local women in a small town because it is likely that you will bump into the lady or her friends in the future and you don’t need the hassle of bad blood lingering.


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