Online Dating Advice

Online Dating AdviceOnline dating advice covers a broad spectrum that is all geared towards one thing: to help you find a suitable partner. While the past shame (or just awkwardness) of online dating has faded a bit, there is still a good amount of trickiness that you have to navigate in this arena. Being successful at online dating requires that you understand and follow key pieces of advice.

Online Dating Advice and Tips

1. Know which dating site you pick. Knowing the right kind of dating website for your needs will go a long way in finding a successful date or partner. You have to know that a myriad of online dating websites exist, with one for almost every occasion. There are dating websites for Jews, blacks, Christians, single parents, spark dating and even senior citizens. A good piece of online dating advice is if you like any of these niches, your best bet is to look at a niche dating website.

It is always recommend to buy a membership to an online dating site. Those dating sites that are free, tend to be the ones that do not have a lot of security checks. These sites can lead to men getting scammed from women.

A few good sites to check out are, and They are sites I have personally used in the past and work very well. You can meet real people with real lives that are interested in meeting men just like you. One rule of thumb, is to meet a few women at once. Don’t settle on just one woman. You are going to find that people are much different in person than how they project themselves through the internet. You may not like the person once you get them face to face.

It is not uncommon to go through five to ten women until you find one that is right for you. There is nothing wrong with dating a lot of women at once. The women on these sites are doing the same thing. They also have the same goal as you. They want to find the right guy, yet know it may take a few bad ones to reach a handful of good ones. You need to have the same mindset.

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2. Creating the right profile. Creating a winning profile is ultra-material because it is the first thing a potential date or partner will read about you on a dating website. Be sure to include in your profile not only why a person ought to be interested in you, but also just what you are looking for in a potential date or partner. Women should create a profile that includes a flattering picture along with what their standards are and what they are looking for in men. On the other hand, men should focus more on writing a longer description since words are important to women. Men should also include a flattering picture, but they should write a description of themselves that is funny, unique, detail-focused and even a little bit sarcastic.

3. Pick the right picture. The picture on your profile is very important because people base a lot of judgments on first impressions. Do not pick an unrealistic picture, and go with one that accurately shows what you look like. Make sure that the included picture is not shot from an unrealistic angle; photos from weird angles have the tendency to make people think that you are hiding unattractive views of yourself.

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4. On the phone. Another crucial piece of online dating advice relates to what happens after you and a potential date have been e-mailing each other for some time. You will want to meet, but before you do so, it is important to first call each other. This is so you can increase each other’s comfort level before finally meeting in person. When on the phone, remember to keep the initial conversation short, to around 5 to 10 minutes.

Online dating advice covers a lot of ground. Online dating is an area that many people probably still find a little bit weird, but it is getting more accepted. For those who are open-minded (or maybe have already tried everything else), online dating can lead to finding a new person with whom you have a lot in common, which is a good thing. Dating women online is fun, yet takes a little more time to find the right person than meeting someone in person.

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