Relationship Advice for Men

Relationship Advice For MenRelationship advice for men can be found in books, videos and even TV shows. They talk about how a man needs to be in touch with his inner woman. My take on this, is its all crap. Women do not want a man who they can push around and treat like a pansy. And if you are one of those men, you need to stop now!

If you want to or find a love life, then you are going to need to take this relationship stuff seriously and take things to a whole new level. The following relationship tips will bring you closer to getting into a relationship or bettering the one you are currently in.

Relationship Advice For Men

1. Emotional health is a big part of having a successful relationship with a woman. A big component of relationship advice for men, emotionally healthy relationships are those that nicely understand what emotional intimacy between a man and a woman is all about. Women are 50 percent responsible for generating this emotional intimacy in a relationship, not just men. To make sure that both you and your woman are contributing to this emotional intimacy, both of you have to work on making an emotional connection. It takes more than sex to achieve this. Spending time together and getting to know each other is key to reaching this goal.

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2. Overcoming cultural training is another good piece of relationship advice for men. Cultural training refers to what men think their masculine identity should feel and look like. This can be a big impediment in getting men to valuing and learning about their emotional dynamic. To improve their relationships with women, men should start practicing some basic partnership skills and body language skills. Sending out the wrong signals can kill a relationship or make you into a walking bank account for a woman to use and abuse you.

3. Some men do not “show up” in their relationship, so to speak, because they barely reveal what their emotional world is like to the women in their relationships. This is an oft-repeated theme in relationship advice for men. To “show up” in a relationship, men are encouraged to change their mindset from thinking mainly about “me” to thinking more about “we,” as in looking at their relationships in the context of a unit and a whole. If men do not do more of this inclusive type of thinking, then they risk having the women with whom they are in relationships feel like they are all alone, even though they are ostensibly in a relationship.

4. In any kind of relationship, communication is key to its success. Communication is separate from emotion because communication relates to the way in which you share your emotions and relate to your woman. Good communication is the cornerstone of any good relationship, and men should make an effort in this area as well. If you are not in a relationship and wish to practice your skills in communication, then practice with a friend who is a girl. You can use that same comfort level you achieve with a friend and translate that into meeting someone new.

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 Relationship advice for men has always been tied to how to save a relationship. Very few talk about how to get into one. Working on body language, communication skills and acting as the man will go a long ways in helping you either fix your current relationship or get you into a new one. You will be surprised the difference when you focus on the just the three areas in this last paragraph.

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