The Art of Seduction

Art of SeductionThe art of seduction is a subtle one, and it is much more like a game than a scientific formula. Seducing a woman is more than just being attractive physically, it requires a delicate touch and the ability to understand women for who they are. Getting inside a woman’s head is the true secret to the art of seduction, and you will find that seducing a woman is made much easier as you try to understand her and what she wants.

While there is no way to broadly categorize every woman and say a blanket statement that “every woman wants this…”, there are a few things that every woman wants:

The Art of Seduction

• A woman wants excitement, as she has plenty of the mundane in her life. Offer her some excitement in her life, and you may find that she is more than willing to be seduced by you. She will start to fantasy about what it would be like to make love with you.

• A woman wants interest in her, not only as a woman but also as a person with thoughts and feelings. If you show that you are interested in her more than just as a beautiful woman, you will have a much better chance of seducing her.

The best way to show interest is to listen to what she is interested in. One thing I particular find interesting when talking to a woman is how many times she finds things wrong with men. Usually they pertain to not focusing on her or not pleasing her in bed, but it could be other things.

Here is where I start to talk about stories that let her know I can offer her something a little more than most men could. She will be intrigued. I do this without actually telling her I can do these things for her. I tell really stories and let her fill in the holes. She starts to put herself in the stories and hence the fantasizing begins.

• A woman wants to feel spoiled, like you care for her and will do anything for her. While it is hard to communicate this feeling when first meeting a woman, buying drinks for a woman caters to that need effectively.

• A woman wants to feel like the man actually has to work to chase her and get her, and few women will make it easy for men. Hard work to get the girl will be well worth it, as she will be much more interested if she feels that you are interested enough to work for her.

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All of these things come with time, but you can practice the art of seduction subtly from the very first moment that you meet a woman:

• Eye contact is the first rule of the art of seduction, and any woman who makes prolonged eye contact with you is showing that she is interested. If you want to show confidence and interest, don’t hesitate to connect your eyes with hers.

• Body contact is another important aspect to remember, and you should make contact occasionally. Many men use whatever excuse to make contact with a woman, but most women pick up on the desperate attempt. Only make contact when appropriate, but don’t hesitate to use skin on skin contact for the best effect.

• Flirting with women is how you show interest, but many men use the wrong kind of flirting to get women. Many try the backhanded compliments that insult subtly while complimenting, but these will only work on certain women. Sincere compliments will be the most effective, but don’t be too effervescent in your compliments. Keep them simple to keep them sincere.

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If you watch movies or a lot of TV you will see a lot of commercials that show a man seducing a woman. Seduction is not about sex, it is about taking the woman somewhere beyond reality in her thoughts. You breakdown her barriers and remove the fear. You replace that fear with sensuality, lust, love and sexual desires. When you do have sex with her, the act is like a symphony, played to perfection. You leave her wanting more and dreaming about your next encounter. Picture in your mind James Bond or Antonio Banderas. Take a look at Antonio’s commercial for his “Blue Seduction” cologne and you will see seduction at its finest.

Model those that show how to seduce women. The best way to learn is to practice. You want to practice what works. Once you learn a few methods, it is time to give it a try yourself. And let me tell you that even though women say they are from the 21st century and don’t believe in seduction, in the end you will make them a believer, Because I can tell you from first hand that this stuff works and it works like nothing I have ever tried before. Seduction is my favorite game.

The art of seduction is like a subtle dance, but someone has to lead. Don’t hesitate to take the lead if the girl shows interest, and you may find yourself getting lucky. Remember it is the powerful gaze, natural confidence and ability to get her to fantasize that will win her over. Whether you want to bed her or take the relationship further, seduction is the most powerful form of sensuality.

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