What to do When You Meet a Girl For the First Time

What to do When You Meet a GirlThere are a lot of things that go through a guys head when he meets a girl for the first time. But there are only a few things you should do over the many other things you would like to do to her or with her. So… what to do when you meet a girl is quite simple. You first introduce yourself and then ask her a very easy to answer opened ended question.

This question needs to be insightful yet not covered in heavy controversy like world politics, religion money or anything that might upset her or make her feel like she is being interrogated for her beliefs. Keep it light and simple.

Tips On What to Do When You Meet a Girl

For example if I was to walk up to a girl for the first time, I would first look her over. She what she is dressed like. I would notice what kind of jewelry she is wearing. I would make note of any mannerisms she may have. And if I still wanted more information, I would walk by her to see if I could grab a snippet or two of information on what she is talking about. Yet keep in mind she needs to be talking to a friend for this last one to work.

Once I have all this down, I would then formulate a few questions that I could ask her. Let us say the setting is after work and the establishment is teaming with after work executive types. The simplest thing to ask a girl like this is, “what do you do for living”? A quick introduction of yourself, where you work can then lead into asking her what line of work she is in.

It may go something like this, “Hi my name is …., It seems like we are in the same line of work. I work in….., do you do the same? She will tell you her name and then respond to your question. This is where you need to have two questions ready. The response question will be based on her saying, “yes I work in the same industry” or “no, I work as a……”. Having to sets of questions ready to either respond to a negative or positive answer allows you to keep the conversation going.

Woman love to talk about themselves and even more so if you let them know you are interested in them. This is the simplest way to break the ice and get to know someone that can lead into other more intimate situations.

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