What to Wear for a First Date

What to Wear For A First Date: Smart Casual

men style ebook If you are wondering what to wear for a first date, then this article will give you a few tips. One big thing that kind of stresses a person out is their physical appearance. Your physical appearance and body language when you first walk into a room is something that has to come out just right.

Look To The Movies For The Best Tip On What To Wear  On A First Date

What I would like you to take from this article is a feeling of confidence. And wearing the right thing is the best confidence builder you can have.

One of the great ways to know what to wear for a night out with a lady is to look to the movies. Directors and movie studios spend an extraordinary amount of money getting women into the movie theaters. They know nailing down the right look for the male star will generate a lot of money in return.

Often times the star of the movie is not dressed grungy or to casual. They are dressed in what is considered  “smart casual”. This look is the cross over between casual wear and black tie. It has some elegance to it as well as some easy-going casualness to it. If you dress this way, you will nail the look 90% of the time and any woman would be please to see you walk up in this style.

GQ is another great resource. This magazine has tons of pictures on the look women die for. If you can pull off one of those outfits, you will be golden.

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The other 10% would entail meeting a lady at the opera or something in that area of a date. Black tie is appropriate for a evening that included opera and dinner.

It is rarely recommended to dress too casual for a first date. The look of confidence is much harder to pull off when you are wearing your casual wear like your favorite sneakers and five year old shirt. The smart casual look is a safe way to make sure you are looking your best and it also give you a confidence lift.

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