What Women Want In Bed

what women want in bedIts your first time together. You just got her clothes off. She is completely naked and pressed up against you. The moment is hot and heavy. You are kissing her passionately and then it happens, she says something or does something that makes you think she does not like what you are doing to her. Or worst she actually tells you to stop or makes a comment that ruins the moment.

Now your whole idea of what women want in bed has been debunked. Could you be that far off base? In most instances men are completely wrong when it comes to understanding what women want in bed. This article will help clear up most of the misconceptions and get you back on the right track.

What happened? You thought you were doing what she wanted, but to your surprise, you and her were not on the same page when it came to sex. So what did you miss? Well there are a few things that most guys miss well before the sex starts.

How to Find Out What Women Want In Bed

Women tend to drop a lot of hints of their sexual preferences well before a night of intimacy even happens. It may be something as subtle as mentioning a sexual scene from a movie she saw or it can be a joke about sex. All of these things are pieces of the puzzle that the woman expects the man to pick up on. If he doesn’t it can really ruin the night.

Women and Sex

Contrary to popular belief, all women like sex and all women can achieve orgasm. Yet many men never get a woman to complete ecstasy because they are too interested in their own satisfaction and have forgotten about the woman. Below are a few things you can do to figure out what your woman wants from you. They are easy to do and will go along way in helping you figure out what women want in bed. Keep in mind women Cannot Separate Mind, Emotion and Body.

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The first thing to understand is that most women do not have a strong separation between body and mind. Men may be able to have casual sexual relationships without any emotional connection, but most women enjoy themselves better when they feel something emotionally for their partners. This does not mean you need to have a long relationship with a woman before you will be able to please her. It just means that you can play up on this knowledge to evoke a sense of emotion during intimate encounters.

Often times just friendship and respect is enough for a woman. She just needs to know that there is some kind of bond whether it be friendship or more, she needs one of the two. Women will allude to this fact and want to hear you say that you two are friends. Women are not dumb and will know from the start whether a relationship is just “friends with benefits” or will lead to something more. Keep in mind a “friend with benefits” relationship will only go so far until it burns itself out. Either you are she, will leave the relationship and move on to something new.Women want to feel worshiped, appreciated, and adored when they are intimate with a man. She wants to feel like the last woman on earth when she is in your arms. If you can say the right things and make the right moves to give her this feeling, you can evoke a stronger response from her. A woman needs to feel secure to open herself up and experience sexuality.

Don’t Assume Easy is Better

You do not necessarily have to take it easy and gentle when you are with a woman. Many men who do not know what women want in bed end up going too far to one extreme. They are too rough or they are too soft. Either way, it doesn’t make for an enjoyable experience for the woman.

The solution here is to test the waters to see what kind of a response you get from your woman. You may also have a casual conversation with her to see what she likes and does not like. This shows that you are mature enough to discuss these issues and are interested in what will make the experience better for both of you.

Start a playful text message conversation with her to find out what she likes in bed. Women tend to feel more secure and open through text messaging.

Another way to figure out what women want in bed is to be playful through text messaging. You will be surprised what a woman can disclose during text conversations. Often times she will say things through text messaging that she would not be able to say face to face. Once you are together in bed, both of you can elaborate and dig in deeper into your desires.

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 The Issue of Respect

Regardless of what women want in bed, they all want to be respected when the morning hits and they wake to thoughts of drinking, acts they should not have done and more. Best thing you can do in the morning is reassure her that what happened the night before was amazing and you are happy to still have her in your bed. Wrap you arms around her and hold her there for a while. Whether you want to see her again or not, this is a way of ending things or beginning something new and fun. If she is the one for you, then these actions will make her feel that you really care about her. She will return to you even more ready for the next intimate encounter.

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